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Albertus Rockwell – The Man In the Shadows (1)

My name is Albertus Rockwell, I am a 27 years old Englishman and I have been invited by my fellow, Sir Jacques Pierre Brissot de Warville, to participate in the matters of his new organization. He created La Société des Amis des Noirs (The Society of the Friends of the Blacks) earlier this month. It… Continue reading Albertus Rockwell – The Man In the Shadows (1)


The Journey Begins

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton NYC - November 2016 Hi Adventurer! I am really grateful to be able to share this moment with you. I hope you will enjoy taking part in my adventures... Welcome to my life... Welcome to my world... Welcome to my journey... See… Continue reading The Journey Begins