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Albertus Rockwell – The Man In the Shadows (1)

My name is Albertus Rockwell, I am a 27 years old Englishman and I have been invited by my fellow, Sir Jacques Pierre Brissot de Warville, to participate in the matters of his new organization. He created La Société des Amis des Noirs (The Society of the Friends of the Blacks) earlier this month. It… Continue reading Albertus Rockwell – The Man In the Shadows (1)

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Winter is here (still… again…)

I hate the cold, but I love the cold... Do you know what I mean? The wetness, the slush, the wind, the rain, the 15 layers of clothes, the blasting heaters every single time you get inside, the frozen nose, fingers, toes... I DESPISE all of it... But how could I not enjoy this beautiful… Continue reading Winter is here (still… again…)

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Fear – 2

In 2025, terrorism slowly invades our planet and military forces create a new weapon. That’s how the Cyborgs first appear. Capable of detecting vile intentions, the Cyborgs were sent to throw the terrorists in prison. Or to destroy their weapons without hurting the harmless population. But thigns took a sudden turn when terrorists managed to turn Cyborgs against civilians... Enter the town of “Fear”, a post-apocalyptic city in which Kara Jensen and Miles Turner, the main protagonists, have to live. part 2

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Encounter with… A Writer: Marie Bellando Mitjans

Today we're going to France to meet with Marie, a French writer! She will answer some of my questions about the Book Industry! Hi Marie, can you start by introducing your art? Hello! I'm Marie Bellando Mitjans and I write stories.I live in France and I write in French.My last publication is a collection of… Continue reading Encounter with… A Writer: Marie Bellando Mitjans

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I have never been great at monitoring my budget! Sometimes I struggle, sometimes I don’t, but it’s never really constant. I really want to change that, because it’s easier to plan a future when you know what you can plan it with… So today, January 28 2021, I am starting my 30-day-SAVINGS-challenge! I will update this post everyday for a month with my thoughts, my goals and if I succeeded... or not!