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Fear – 3

The two shiny eyes moved carefully towards the crowd.

To everyone’s surprise, Kara appeared in front of them.

She looked tired, shocked, confused but still very alive.
At first people were suspicious to see her standing there almost naked and terribly damaged. But she managed to explain everything that had happen during those 2 months of captivity, and the anxiety surrounding her return gradually faded away.

She’d been tortured, questioned, examined, and finally abandoned on the beach because she was of no use to the Cyber army anymore… they didn’t kill her, instead, they urged her to deliver a message to the citizen:

“Better things are coming…”

This message confused everybody in the city. The counsel didn’t know what to make of it, but they were happy that Kara’s life had been spared and decided to worry another day.

She got back on March 1st and they decided to celebrate her return 3 days later, during their National Day Feast. Miles woke up at dawn to set everything before Kara’s alarm clock buzzed.

When she got out of their bunker, numerous handmade banderoles that read “WELCOME BACK” and “WE MISSED YOU KARA” where hanging on the walls of the Town Hall.

At the center of the room stood a banquet. The “Kitcheniers” – as they called people in charge of the banquet each year – were already displaying starters. Thanks to the decrease of fights, the harvest had been very successful and this year and the feast really was a feast.

They ate for 5 hours, then, as the custom went, they all went for a 15 minutes nap, and came back to eat again until 8 struck. As the clock rang, they managed to clean up everything in 30 minutes to start the dance.

The dance lasted all night, Kara and Miles were the first ones to go home, they were both exhausted.

A few days passed and nothing really happened. Kara was slowly readapting to the bunker’s life. She wouldn’t go out at first, she was afraid. But she took part in the trainings and was able to help designers provide suits that looked like the cyborgs she had seen. She couldn’t help them on the variety of new weapons, nor on other improvements that the Cyber army might have done, but the information she gave them were still helpful.

Miles and her were practicing whenever they could. He still taught children the basics of the fights, but since cyborgs were enhanced, he too needed to learn some new techniques. That’s why he decided to go out once a week to fight an isolated cyborg. His approach was always the same. He would go out at nightfall, locate 3 enemies making a round, then he’d kill two from behind, leaving the last one ready to fight. He would try to analyze every single one of its moves. Sometimes he’d come back bruised and scarred, but he could teach the warriors, Kara and the kids how to dodge an attack and the best way to respond according to him.

From time to time, when she got ready to fight again, Miles would take Kara along with him and they would each analyze, compare, and judge the other’s methods.

One night, they came back pretty upset because they hadn’t found any cyborg to fight. They had sense a terrible tension in the air but there were no enemies in sight. As they closed the city’s entrance, Kara noticed flashing lights about 2 miles away from the doors. After consulting the watchers, Miles and her decided to make sure that Fear wasn’t in danger. They woke up 5 warriors, quickly dressed up, and loaded their weapons before heading out. Henry, the most efficient warrior in the history of Fear was leading the way, he was followed by Pierre, Kara, Miles and Joseph who were in line, preceding John and Harry The 3rd.

The convoy arrived 30 minutes later at the flashing point.


They searched the place but nothing happened.

As they were going back, a horde of 7 cyborgs encircled them. After a second of wondering where they could’ve come from, they were ready to fight.

Henry started the assault by destroying the only obsolete cyborg that was part of the horde. Then everyone picked a cyborg and fought. Harry The 3rd was facing a huge droid that only had human hands and feet. The machine could spread a blinding fog from its torso, and use boxing techniques to hit Harry. The latter easily discovered where the fog was coming from. He used a gun to obstruct the hole and another one to blow the enemy up. He then went to help Pierre who was struggling with a human-looking thing who was expectorating Cyber crabs. While Harry took part in the fight against the crabs, Pierre managed to behead the bionic creature.

They noticed that Kara was doing good against her robot and was done with it before Pierre and Harry had reached Miles. He was almost on the ground when they arrived next to him. The machine he was facing had two rotating heads. The first head let out the same confusing sound as the dog he’d fought few months before, and the second one was spitting a gluey liquid that made Miles trip multiple times. In addition to this, the cyborg would throw his fist uncontrollably in front of him. Miles could respond once in a while but the confusing sound and the liquid made everything harder. Pierre and Harry each took charge of a head and the droid was finally demolished after a tiring fight. Joseph and Henry had manage to take their 2 robots down by working together.

When they got home, they were all knocked out, except for Kara. She seemed to be in a good shape and the guys were very thankful for it. They got to their bunkers and talked about the fight. Harry said they got lucky because they cyborgs were only 7. Kara answered that they could’ve easily beaten at least 10 of them. Miles suddenly realized that it had been very easy for her to destroy the droid she was facing, and that she didn’t have any wounds, not even superficial ones. He tried to ask her about her fight but she eluded the questions.

He thought that she was shocked at first, but when he understood that she was genuinely enthusiast about the fight, he started to get suspicious.

(to be continued)