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Brazil – The Atlantic Rainforest

February 1st 2016

We are taking a 4 hours-train from Curitiba to Morretes.

I like taking photos from a train or a bus window, I think that the movement gives a nice perspective to the shots; so I take a few pictures while in the train.

After a bus ride, we arrive at Pousada Serra Verde. A place that offers little cabins in the woods near town in which stay in for 4 days.

This place is really peaceful and quiet.

Morretes is a small historic city of the Brazilian state of Paraná. It is famous for its location in the rainforest and for its local dish called “barreado”.

We spend 4 days hiking and visiting the area.

The omnipresence of nature is really soothing. There is very little service or internet and it’s a great time to disconnect from everything and everyone.

The town is crossed by the Nhundiaquara River, creating a picturesque atmosphere!

We go to the panoramic restaurant “Ponte Velha”, number 1 destination for a great view of the river and a taste of “Barreado”

Later, we head to Ilha Do Mel for a view of its enchanting coast that features the ocean, the mountains and a port.


February 5th 2016

We proceed to go to Rio de Janeiro (I don’t remember how, but it was definitely not by plane), where I finally got some papers allowing me to travel home safely.

I’m really excited, the city is wonderful, and the carnival starts tomorrow

Stay Tuned for Part 3 – Carnaval do Rio de Janeiro and Corcovado

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