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Maha’s Mind-Blowing Chicken Nachos

I live on the East End of Toronto. We have an amazing selection of local restaurants that offer very diverse varieties of food, which is AWESOME!

Yesterday, I tried Maha’s Mind-Blowing Chicken Nachos… A weekend special they launched for the Superbowl!

I only had time to take one picture before diving in!

How amazing does it look??

I love going to Maha’s! It’s a local restaurant offering a large selection of Egyptian brunch meals. Their menu is amazing and the team as well!

When my boyfriend saw this special on their Instagram, we knew we had to try it…

First of all, it smelled delicious, and it did not disappoint! πŸ˜‹

The chips are the perfect amount of crispy and cheesy πŸ§€

The chicken is indeed mind-blowing: tender, well seasoned, deliciously spread throughout the casserole πŸ€―πŸ—

The salsa is incredible and topped off with dates, olives, jalapenos and a light mayonnaise 🍴

One casserole serves 4 & the proportions are on point βš–οΈ

I highly recommend it if you’re in the area this weekend!

If not, the same ingredients compose the Mind-Blowing Chicken Sandwich on their regular menu!

They also have vegetarian options on their menu if you do not eat meat!

Have you ever tried Maha’s? Or any other Egyptian restaurant? Do you have any suggestions on what I should try next?

Let me know in the comments!!!

See you soon