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Winter is here (still… again…)

I hate the cold, but I love the cold… Do you know what I mean?

The wetness, the slush, the wind, the rain, the 15 layers of clothes, the blasting heaters every single time you get inside, the frozen nose, fingers, toes… I DESPISE all of it…

But how could I not enjoy this beautiful city, under a distant sun, covered in snow, so peaceful, so quiet?

Winter soothes my soul as much as it revolts it!

I do enjoy seeing kids sledding down the hill, people snuggling with their cup of coffee, active fireplaces, and doggies with boots.

But why does it have to last so many days…? 👀

Summer is gone in a blink of an eye, and winter monopolizes the year… It’s just not right!

⬅ In December, Winter is my favorite season of the year! The sun, the new snow, happiness, holidays…

But in February, I’m fed up with it… Gray skies, -15°C, humidity, ice everywhere ➡

The same city changes radically even though it’s the same season!

Honestly, last year was okay, I could still go out… and (re)discover new places, like the Montréal on ice, or Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare and Vaudreuil-Dorion!



Les Aventures Ligoriennes

A nice Quebec getaway with Margot


But this year…

Middle of a pandemic, lockdown, slush everywhere… It’s getting more and more complicated as the days go by! If I could just travel for a weekend, I know that I would be less inclined to see the negative aspect of winter, and thus, less inclined to complain…

I am trying to stay positive, but I long for the warmer days!

How are you coping this winter? Any activity you could suggest? Any projects? Let me know in the comments!!!