Fiction, Life

Fear – 2

Miles got home safe and found his parents waiting for Kara and him.

When he explained what had happened, they got mad at him, wondering why he hesitated to save Kara’s life, but they quickly understood that they would have lost them both if he had made a move.

Miles headed straight to the warrior’s bunker to explain what he had seen during the night. He brought the structure of the cyber-dog with him so that they could analyze it. The cyborgs had a better vision, they were quicker, and they resisted strong weapons that used to defeat them, such as the electric net that he had used. The warriors thanked him for his brave move and started studying the carcass of the hound.

A few days later, funerals were organized for Kara. Miles and his parents were really sad not to be able to say goodbye properly to their relative. Without her body, it just felt unreal. The entire town came to the ceremony. Everyone gathered in silence around her empty coffin. It was the first death by cyborg in a very long time in Fear and people started to realize that maybe, the attacks were less frequent because the cyborgs were getting ready for a strike. Slowly, this idea made its way through the crowd. At the end of the day, everyone was determined to strengthen their methods, improve their weapons and prepare for this unpredictable strike. The tension rose briskly in the city as weeks passed, because each citizen was waiting for something big to happen.

One day, something forced the city’s entrance and the whole town immediately prepared to fight. They had been feeling that a battle was coming. Every single citizen joined his post, armor and weapons ready.

The first line was called the Great Barrier they were the 10 quickest men of the city. They had weapons that delayed the machines’ reactions, and allowed the second line, the Premiere Warriors, to attack right away.

The citizen were used to having to form a battalion in a hurry because of the numerous surprise attacks cyborgs had performed over the years. This time, thanks to Miles’ courage, they were ready to face improved machines to protect their homes.

The watchmen who had warned the rest of the town were still on the lookout, as no other cyborg was to be seen; only one had forced the entrance and was now hiding somewhere between the battle ground and the townhall.

Minutes passed, and turned into hours, until the Commander of the army decided to send the warriors home. He believed that what / whoever had entered the town, was obviously not looking for a fight. However, he doubled the watchmen team, and asked to be called if any activity was detected at the town border, suspicious or not.

All the inhabitants of Fear went home, trying to relax, but a lingering feeling of discomfort was weighing on them.

A few hours later, in the middle of the night, one of the watchmen heard a strange rambling. He immediately alerted the Commander, who called out half of the battalion.

As they waited, ready, two shiny eyes came out of the dark.

(to be continued)

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