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I have never been great at monitoring my budget! Sometimes I struggle, sometimes I don’t, but it’s never really constant.

I really want to change that, because it’s easier to plan a future when you know what you can plan it with…

So today, January 28 2021, I am starting my 30-day-SAVINGS-challenge! I will update this post everyday for a month with my thoughts, my goals and if I succeeded or not.

I hope some of you will be inspired to do the same! Let me know in the comment how your adventure goes!

Jan 28 2021 – Day One 💧

First step – Define my goal(s)
1. I plan on adding $500 to my savings account in a month, because I need to grow my savings account to be able to invest in a near future.

2. I will not buy anything but groceries for a month.

Step two – Find the savings plan that works best for you
I have decided to follow “Mom Managing Chaos”’ version of the 30 Day Challenge, I have downloaded their calendar and I plan on wiring money to my savings account every day at 9:30am.

Step three – Get to it
The first transfer of $4 is done!

And I didn’t buy anything today!

For the moment it seems like an easy challenge…

Jan 29 2021 – Day 2 🌨

9:00am – $6 transferred.

I’m already thinking about the donuts I didn’t get with these $$… but I have to keep my goal in mind and hold on!

Beginning of month bills are coming up… my account will be very slim soon.

Ugh 😫

Jan 30th 2021 – Day 3 🧊

+$8 in the savings account… this part of the challenge is not too bad

But I have already failed the “nothing but groceries” part… I bought Sour Candy on my way to work… Which isn’t good for this challenge 😫 nor for my health… And I bought a lottery ticket… So overall a big ❌ today!

Tomorrow will be better ✨

Jan 31 2021 – Day 4 🥶

I clearly remember being in the plane that day, one year ago… Going to my Dog Sledding trip with Margot…

Today… I managed to transfer +$10 into the savings account but I had to take a Uber home after work… The wonders of the TTC!

I would still consider this a Win today, because I had no other choice!

Feb 1st 2020 – Dog Sledding adventures

Feb 1st 2021 – Day 5 ❄

I forgot my transfer of +$12 today… apparently paying my rent on time hid away every other financial decision! So it’s a fail on that part…

However, I managed to not spend money today and I’m pretty happy about this! I didn’t save this time, but I didn’t spend either 😊🤗

Feb 2nd 2021 – Day 6 ☃

+$12 in the account this morning, and no money spent!

New month, new me! I will try to keep at it. (For real this time)

Feb 3rd 2021 – Day 7 🌞

One week of savings!

+$14 in the account and no expenses… We’re getting there!

Feb 4th 2021 – Day 8 🌟

I feel stressed out today! 😩

I’m supposed to add +$16 to my account and haven’t done it yet… But I have a good reason, I won +$20 at the lottery and wanted to deposit that cash as savings… So I’ll do it when I get home from work!

I did buy a Chai Latte – still with the +$20 so I’ll have +$18 to add to my account, on top of the regular +$16 of the challenge!

Yay 😁

Feb 5th 2021 – Day 9


But that’s the only nice part of the day! Too many bills to pay and my pay will come next week so I won’t be able to save the +$18 that are due today… Probably won’t be able to continue until my next pay, so let’s call this a small intermission.